Latin, Ballroom, Wedding Dance Lessons



Thank you so much for teaching us how to dance for our wedding. We had so much fun at our classes, and you were such a pleasure. Our first dance was perfect. Everyone was very impressed.

Alison + Ewan


We booked private lessons for our wedding dance. The choreography was perfectly suited to our skill level, personalized to our song. Very friendly and comfortable space to be in. Thank you Damian!

Jenni & Jake


Damian is wonderful dancer and teacher! My fiance and I took 2 lessons before the wedding and we have already learned so much, all while having a lot of fun. We want to continue the lessons after the wedding. I highly recommend Simply Dance!

Nora Wadhwa


Had my first class last night. Loved the instructions, serene atmosphere and the close knit bond between the students and Damian. It was a lots of fun and great exercise and will highly recommend to anyone looking for quality dance instructions.

Nina Khizar


Damian is a highly qualified and a very friendly instructor.

Jasmina Nedeljkovic

I signed up for a Friday evening group dance session, a few months ago, and now I'm a regular attendee. At first, I wasn't sure whether I would be able to keep up with the other dancers in the group (even though I had some prior dance experience) but I was pleased to find this class is geared to dancers of various levels of experience - even those with no prior dance training.
Damian is an excellent and very personable instructor who easily puts new attendees at ease. With his engaging smile and occasionally made-up new words , he makes us smile and laugh as we go over the steps to a difference dance that we learn each week. (Yes Damian, you know that you make up new words). He is attentive to the various skill levels of his students and manages to devote time to those who are unfamiliar with the dances while keeping the class moving at a pace that challenges those with more experience.
I am not looking to enter any competitions at this point, rather, I just love the friendly group of dancers, the great music, the exercise and the stress-releasing "therapy" this class provides at the end of a busy work week.
I really emphasize that this Friday night group dance is worth a try!

Melanie Priestman

Damian is a fabulous instructor/ dancer, is invested in his students goals, and he naturally creates a sense of community with those around him.
It was important to me to find a coach that I felt comfortable sending an email/ text to outside of class if I have questions or ideas, and I'm thrilled that I have found this easy relationship with in Simply Dance!
Also, I really like the small business factor. It feels rewarding not only to be supported one on one by a great coach, but also that I get to support his dreams of building a community.

Jennifer Phelan

I am living proof that there is no "2 left feet" ... Thanks to Damian, that is! Damian Danilovic is a dance teacher extraordinaire! I had absolutely no prior dance experience and after only 1 year, I am competing in Pro-Am Ballroom Dance competitions in both American Style (smooth and rhythm) and International Style (ballroom and Latin) disciplines .... Never in my wildest dreams would I have ever believed it!
Simply Dance is so much more than dance ... It truly is a community with a real family atmosphere. We have monthly dinners where all of us are able to get to know each other "outside of dance", and we even have our first "dance vacation" to Cuba (can't wait!).
I've recommended Simply Dance to all my friends and colleagues. Honestly, it truly is a place for everyone .... Social dancers, serious dance students/competitive dancers, and people like me who take up dance lessons to challenge themselves by trying something new.
It's made a huge impact on my life ... Cannot thank Damian enough! :)

Jackie Tavares

A few months ago, I attended a Simply Dance Friday meet-up group dance lesson and enjoyed it so much that I signed up for private dance lessons!
Damian is an excellent dance teacher. He is also a lot of fun. I learn a lot in the lessons and it's a great workout, but I equally also laugh a lot! It really is an enjoyable experience, so much fun!
The Simply Dance family is wonderful. I've made great friendships with the other students. Damian has built a very special "dance family community". I couldn't be happier to be a part of the Simply Dance family.

Annie Wu


I had experience with different dance instructors/studios in Toronto, and I switched around to see which is the best for me. But after I found Damian and danced with him, I just felt settled. Damian Danilovic is a professional dancer. He is fabulous at both dancing and coaching! I enjoyed my first International Ballroom competition after less than one year coaching by Damian.
We are actually way more than a dance studio, we are family! Everyone in the studio is so caring and we support each others' dream. Damian and SD studio is one of the reasons I love Toronto.
I definitely recommend Simply Dance studio to my friends and anyone who has passion for dancing.

Gloria Muzi Li


"Damian, thank you very much for all your efforts throughout the spring in shaping the waltz for our first dance as a married couple. We were successful in keeping our well rehearsed routhine a secret from our guests+your choreography blow them away! Thank you for your passion and for your patience, in particular as we struggled to master the hesitations! Overall, our first dance turned out to be one of the most memorable moments of our wedding night. But we also found the process of taking dance lessons with you to be enjoyable + something you had us looking forward to each week. Thank you!"

Rob and Carla


"Damian, I have really enjoyed meeting with you and learning how to dance! You are patient & you make me laugh! I wish I could be as wonderful dancer as you someday :) I look forward to our continuing friendship and many dances together!"

Wendy Worell


"Dearest Damian,Thank you s-o-o-o much for helping me prepare for the People's Choice Competition and especially for helping me gain confidance in myself. Thank you for believing in me and teaching me to believe in myself. Heartfelt gratitude. I thank God that he made it possible for us to closely cross paths for 3 years. You are indeed unique and easy to love. You have reached the bottom of my heart to the point I will never forget you.Please continue your uniqueness in Toronto and you will surely rise to be the star that will illuminate them as well as you have done here in Montreal."

Merylin Wilchesky


"Dearest Damian, To dance on my daughter's wedding day was a touch of class! In short time that I had you, you tought me very well and made me feel at ease & confident. I'm forever grateful! Thanks for memories!"

Connie Berlemis


"Dear Damian, thank you so much for everything. Words cannot describe the positive impact that dance lessons have had on my life. In just a few months, you have taught me so much and I am not only more confident on the dance floor, but I find my overall self-confidence and my “joie de vivre” has also improved. Definitely not what I expected given I had absolutely no dance experience! Thank you for adapting your coaching style to fit my personality, I truly feel the customized approach you’ve designed is absolutely perfect for me! It means a lot to me.  I love the fact that you are so honest and authentic … Your critique and instructions are always constructive, and I can see that you genuinely want me to strive for all that I can be (and more!). I’m so pleased with how far I’ve come thanks to you.  At the same time, you also bring fun into the dance lesson …. We spend so much time laughing and just getting “lost in the dance”. I literally love every minute of our dance lesson together!  Damian, your passion for dance is definitely contagious! You’ve given me the courage and confidence to perform at showcase events and enroll in competitions. I’ve definitely caught the dance bug and always look forward to my next lesson. I can’t thank you enough and am really happy to be your student!  You’re the best!”



"Damian, thanks for being patient with our dancing, we were ready for all details that you have shown us. Thanks so much for all wonderful teaching and encouragement! Please visit Waterloo sometimes!"

Glen & Eleonor Black


"Damian, thank you so much for being the best instructor I could have asked for. You taught me so much in a short period of time and always had patience. There was never a time I didn’t look forward to coming in for a lesson, and that’s because you made it incredible every time. It’s because of your teaching that I fell in love with dance! I can’t thank you enough for being an amazing instructor."


"Dear Damian, I want to express to you how much fun I have dancing with you as my teacher and partner. There was certainly a time when my thoughts kept telling me I needed to quit because of my knee injury, but I saw how much happier I was every Monday evening and how I went into the office every Tuesday morning happier then any other morning of the week. I'm so much looking forward to lessons with you and I see that you are wonderful and combining together being serious and having fun. Thank you so much for making it memorable."


"Thank you so much for working with me on my imaginary canoe fantasy. It was so important to me and it really lifted my mood. You skillfully took my creative ideas and solidified them into a dance with a beautiful and fun expressions. Thanks for all your attention to detail, your caring and your efforts to make a choreography that answered to all my requests. I enjoyed it so much and for many months it was the only dancing I could do. I think I improved a lot in putting expression and emotion into my dance. You were really terrific!"

Ronit Moalem


"Dear Damian, thank you for your patience and dedication on making us look good on our daughter's wedding."



"To dearest Damian, we are so thankful for all the hours of preparation by your teaching. It seems that you understand us both so well... You gave us your utmost and of course we tried our very best. We are so happy and proud of our outstanding results and we will never forget our few days in the DOR competition in Boston. You are kind, professional and a wonderful teacher."

A. & M.


"Dear Damian, I want to thank you for numerous things that you have done and changed in my life that i feel you should know. As you may not know i walked into dance school in Montreal with the intention to enjoy myself dancing and as you may have remembered i was in a deep depression with on going personal situations in my life and needed something to not only occupy my mind but to relieve the stress i had. It is something i have always enjoyed in life and to be honest i was a bit intimidated by having to learn steps and names of the steps which i was not use to but that is where you come in.

I thank you Damian for understanding my situations and allowing me to forget about them for that moment and remember how to have fun and smile and enjoy what i love. I thank you for taking your time with me teaching me what you know and how to express myself through my dancing in ways i didn't know i could. This has allowed me to not only be confident in my dance but in all i do and i thank you for that.

I am very proud to say i had you as a teacher and was sad to see you go as you knew how comfortable i had become with you and did not want to start a new dance relationship with another teacher. On that note and despite that situation I am proud to say i started at beginner level and am now I'm in silver level and i do attribute that progress and success a lot to you as the person that knew me the best at our school. You were not only my teacher but a great friend and i really want you to know how thankful i am for this. I wish you well in your journey. You are an amazing dancer and teacher and hope all goes well for you in life. Until we meet again in the dance world i wish you well."
Ada Lopez


"Thank you for some very memorable group and private lessons! "

Joel and Lina


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